Aerial photography for property selling

Nothing shows off a spectacular property like an aerial video. This is why they have become so popular for both estate agents and TV companies. Sweetberry Aerial can offer a range of services to put together a sequence of photos or a fully fledged, edited video set to music, branded as appropriate which is suitable for loading directly onto the property portal of your choice.

Roof inspections

Roof inspections are a tedious business if you need to use a ladder and even more tedious and expensive when scaffolding becomes involved. Inspections done by SUA offer an easy, quick and inexpensive solution. Of course, it doesn`t have to be a roof, anything hard to reach : chimnies, steeples, trees.


Aerial images of fields are useful tools for detecting crop variations and equipment problems that are hard to see from the ground. From a bird`s eye view, you can spot nitrogen deficiencies, poor irrigation-water distribution, drainage problems and uneven seeding or fertilizer application.


Large or even medium sized construction plots can be hard to both view and monitor, before, during and after a build, aerial photos let you see and keep detailed records of how your build progresses. A high altitude set of photographs or a video let you see possible issues you'd never spot from the ground.

Mast & tree inspections

Check out masts/trees/rigging from the safety of the ground. Often best done live, allowing you to zoom in areas of concern rather than a via a pre taken video which may not give you exactly what you want. We are always happy to fly the camera while you assess what you are seeing.

Garden showcases

Both structured and unstructured gardens get a completely different look from the air. See them as the birds see them, or fly through them to show off their different vistas. Videos of the same location taken each month can make fascinating viewing when put together into a well edited video.

Solar panels

The huge increase in the number of PV panels adorning every roof and field has caused the headache of inspections. As they are large and difficult to access, visual inspection via SUA is an obvious and inexpensive solution.

Come and talk to us about your needs - if we can't help, we almost certainly will know somebody who can!

What People Are Saying.

  • Fabulous video - the client really liked it - we will put it live immediately.

    BB - Estate Agent
  • Thanks so much for the aerial video, it is better than we had hoped for. I am sure this will increase the number of viewings we get.

    JM - Happy Client
  • I have to say, you have done the best job. It’s beautiful.

    CB - Vineyard promo video
  • Thank you so much! It is a great video and we will absolutely credit you for the work.

    KS - Farm video for social media
  • We've had a good look at these tonight and the images are fantastic - thank you!

    GB - Chimney inspection

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